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Does this sound like you?

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You are the "Pet mum" - if loving your puppo or kitty too much was a crime, you would be locked away for life

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You are the "gift giver" - you have a knack for finding obscure treats to spoil those dearest to you

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You are the "Kidult" - you express your displeasure, with  great volume, about how you want shoes with dinosaurs on them but they only make them in kid sizes

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You are the "Magpie"- finding treasures to adorn your nest, saying things like  "ooooh SHINY!!!" happens on the daily

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You are the "Whimsical one" - often staring dreamingly at the stationery that is donut or unicorn themed

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You are the "One who is unapologetically YOU" - you rock them curves, you flaunt that coloured hair, you love who you want to love, and you be who you be... 100%... and you like being a part of a community that brings the very best of yourself out and celebrates it with you!

If you answered YES... then welcome HOME!

Hi, I'm Sally!

Sally is...

A Dog

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One of my most favouritest things about my Sally project is when I see your face!

I know that sounds cheesey (maybe even a bit creeperish) but context will help, I promise!

I LOVE when we have been chatting for a couple of months, we have been sharing stories of our most precious memories with our Puppos or Kitties (or other) and then I tell you your art is ready to come home!

....Then I see your face (if I'm lucky enough to pass them over to you in person of course)

You face when you see your beloved furbaby in art, whether it be earrings or a painted portrait! It makes my heart fuzzy!

I want to do that FUREVER!

The friendships we build around the love of our animals are so important!

I am so lucky to have found an avenue to build this community with you all!

Love & Unicorns, 






Small biz supporter

Community building


Read more about how I got the name SALLY here

How can Sally brighten your day?


I'm looking for some custom pet art

Custom Pet Art by Sally adorns many an ear lobe and has been gift wrapped for special loved ones!

From earrings to wall hangings to painted pet portraits (and more if you have a epic new idea!)

To make them even MORE MAGICAL, I love hearing about the unique characteristics or heart shaped fur patterns that make your furchild them so that I can bring them to life and have you saying...

"Looook, it's HARVEY!!" 

Learn more about Custom Pet Art here

I'm looking for ready to wear ear gems

Do you have an earring collection?


Do you like finding weird and whacky earrings to create a-buzz around that watercooler (do we have watercoolers at workplaces in Australia?)

From Cosmic Critter studs to Glitter Prawns - there is always something whimsical  to find in Sally's ready to wear Ear Gems selection!

My collection of eclectic clay cutters is ever growing to bring you the most uniquely quirky Small batch creations!

Check out Sally's New Pretties here

Kitty studs_edited.jpg

I'm looking for pretty things for my home

"The Little Mermaid" is my FAVOURITE Disney movie!!

I love how she surrounds herself with all of the pretty things that make her happy in her little treasure trove - a space that is uniquely hers where she feels her most FABULOUS!

Brightly coloured thingamabobs and whatists  for your home, your desk, anywhere where you need a little reminder about how FABULOUS you are!

Adorn your treasure trove here

Valentine Candy

What are friends of Sally saying?

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