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"Sally" - How my beloved childhood nickname has become my ultimate super power

On the morning of July 12th, 1986, an effervescent sparkly, chubby lil bubby burst forth from the loins of their mother...

Hold up, wait a minute...

Do you REALLY wanna start your first EVER Blog with such stunning visuals as "burst forth from the loins..."?

I mean, maybe, maybe not... but it's legits what happened! I pretty much BUNGEE JUMPED... ask my mum! She was there! She will tell you..

(Why am I having this argument with myself?)

Ok, getting back to it MINUS the visuals of loins and bursting...

.... AND ALSO I will add, in my defence... the bungee jumping part IS relevant, because it's kinda a metaphor with how I go about in this world!

Jumping head first into new ideas, jumping up and down with excitement, jumping to conclusions (a LOT!)

Ok... REALLY getting back to the story this time.

"Sarah" was born at approx 5.45am on that Saturday morning (heh sorry Mum and Dad for spoiling your sleep in!!)

Cue cute polaroids my Mum recently dug out for me

Living both as Sarah and Sally has given me a fondness for Nicknames

Donning someone with their very own nickname, created by your shared experiences, brings you together, whether you share a romantic relationship, a work friendship or you are forever friend soul mates!

Giving someone a name (that they consent to of course) shows that that person belongs, it's a sign of trust, intimacy and friendship.

It's shows that you like them more than others!!

The name game is big in our family:

  • Dad calls Mum "Madam PooPoo"

  • Granny calls our older sister "Cuppy"

  • Pa called my Dad "Reg"

  • My sisters and I use many forms of "Sibling"

Mr Moose - my husband, got the name of "Moose" because when we were "dating" (if you ask him we were actually "hanging out" heh) we were madly playing Big Buck Hunter (the arcade shooting game) where we would always play the Moose round.

That AND I was watching a lot of Supernatural at the time, and Crowley calls Sam "Moose" for his tall stature!

He quickly embodied the "Moose" name to the point where "Andrew" sounds so weird coming out my mouth.. something is wrong if I say Andrew 🤣

I also have a close friend, one that sits in the friend soul mate category, and we call each other Twinny

We have confused a LOT of people, as they really think we are twins.. or at least sisters!!

BUT, for this story, ill focus on the name my Granny gave me - "Sally "

Why Sally?

"Sally is an English language feminine given name. The name originated as a pet name for the Arabic and Hebrew name Sarah, but has since become used independently." - Wikipedia

Why Snowdrop?

Well, as the legend goes, that very same wintery morning, Snowdrop flowers bloomed in Granny and Pa's garden.

And every birthday card, Christmas card, letter (as we are Pen Pals) Granny starts off by writing...


Not only do nicknames show your love for another, they have other powers as well!

Well, before I get too far into it.. I wanna preface this with:

  1. I have ONLY just recently realised I have gone through a major shift, mentally, in the past 2 years

  2. And, I STILL have a long long LONG way to go...

My adult life has sent me on a journey!

I feel like I am ever growing. Ever evolving.

I can remember how I felt in Primary School, too self conscious to take my jumper off to reveal my prematurely jiggly belly.

I can remember how I felt in high school, experiencing the same jumper situation again!

Always sweltering through summer as I preferred to hide underneath it's shape shifting bulkiness.

(I think that's why I get so hot as an adult, I busted my body's thermostat haha.. someone sciency - please tell me if that is a thing!!)

Still in High School - I always felt a major lack of confidence in what I could add to conversation, I always felt like my words had no right to be out in the world like my peers did.

I always felt like I was standing to the outside of the group, and I ashamed standing even that close.

I had friends, and I had interactions, but never once did they feel confident that those friendships were mine... or that I could rely on them to help me build my confidence to go about the world

(Clue: the confidence has to come from you - shock horror she said something cheesy!)

One of my most FAVOURITEST TV shows

Rupaul's Drag Race

has a segment where the top 5 Queens talk to a photo of their childhood self.

They impart wisdom and tips for getting through those really uncertain, sometimes horribly traumatising childhood and early adult years.

Almost every time they break down in tears for the experiences that that young person is going to go through, and the happiness they now have, fulfilling their lives!

And I get it. I get that want to be able to travel back in time, and help young Sarah put all the pieces together. To be able to see what the future may hold, and to help her get to her place of power sooner!

I will repeat... I want to HELP HER GET TO HER PLACE OF POWER....SOONER!

Because baby, I have arrived!

Covid started me on a journey to look for something... something I couldn't quite put my finger on, something that was lacking.

And that was my TRUE sense of self.

Because I started my small business!

And I get that that sounds like a shamless plug!!

I know I know.. but I promise you it's not.

Covid gave me time to get bored... REALLY HECKING BORED!!!

"Hey Moose.... I wanna make things with resin and have an Etsy store!!!"

And because I NEVER do anything by half.. I went all in and started such an awesome learning curve and growth moment!

Quickly my boredom buster grew from the hobby level of "omgosh I wanna buy all the craft things and make stuff, and sell them to buy more craft things!!" *runs around in excited glitter covered craft hyperfixation*

To... oh... people like my art... people wanna buy more of my art.. people are supporting me and my art... hmm... could this be more than a Hobby?

So, I needed a name for my business

A business that was quickly validating itself for me!

When starting my brainstorming, with butchers paper and highlighters of course, it was evident that my name was there all along

(gah sounds like the plot to a bad teen movie)

Dearest Sally Snowdrop

How has embodying the spirit of "Sally" helped my life

I've described "Sally" as my most happy, empowered, sparkly inner self

Take Queen B's "Sasha Fierce" - An alter ego Beyonce created to empower her as she walks on stage.

She says that when Sasha Fierce appears, she changes. Her posture straightens, the way she speaks is more confident.

"Sally" is my Sasha!

"Sally" gives me this unnerving "can - do" response when it comes to starting and building a small business - if I don't know how to do something now, I will work to learn how to do that tomorrow, and conquer that skill!

"Sally" has the confidence to set up a market stall multiple times per month, talk to (and dance with) hundreds of people she has never met before

"Sally" has a clear aesthetic and brand voice that makes her truly unique and can fight Imposter Syndrome with calm when it pops its ugly head up in her craft room

"Sally" wears the clothes she likes, she doesn't have to wear make up if it makes her skin feel uncomfies, she can run around enjoying herself, not AS concerned in hiding her jiggly bits as she once did (that is STILL a work in progress)

"Sally" wants to make others smile

"Sally" has brought a whole new level of calm and coolness when Sarah is rocking out at her day job

"Sally" knows that this is the life she deserves.. the success she deserves.

"Sally" now calls herself an "artist"

Sarah, deals with body image issues, feelings of low self worth, social anxiety and confidence droops all the time.. but Sally is helping her realise that those behaviours don't serve her... it's a work in progress but it's getting there!

Where to from here for both Sally and Sarah

I absolutely ADORE that there are people out there, calling me "Sally" during this journey.

This makes me feel secure and warm on the inside knowing that I am future proofing such an important part of who I am and how I see myself!

Sally and Sarah are one now. They will go hand in hand, driving into the sunset and future. (not in a Thelma and Louise kind of destructive way.. also, someone please remind me - Watch "Thelma and Louise" k thx)

So so SO many ideas are waiting to be realised!

Come along with us, as we create sparkle to make the world happy!


Thank you for reading my first ever Blog!

Blogging is just another creative outlet I am facing with my "can learn" attitude!

Follow along as I talk about more fun topics that fill my brain and watch as I get better and better!

If you have any suggestions for what you want to see me talk about, send me a feedback message using this link!

Love and Unicorns,

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