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So I hear you are a Dog Person, same...  you are MY KIND OF PERSON!


Twin for the WIN with your Bestie!


Doggo Danglies are:

  • 100% Original illustrations by Sally
  • UV Printed onto 2mm clear acrylic (by fellow Small Biz Foote & Flame in WA)
  • Come standard with White Acrylic Studs 
  • Options to add French Wire Hooks, Sensitive Studs or Clip Ons to cater to all Fam
  • Light weight and vibrant



Take Care to tighten Jump Rings regularly to avoid Doggos going walk-abouts!


PLEASE NOTE: Product Photography and digital files may affect appearance and which can differ slightly to real product.


Colours: TriColour
  • Caring for your pretty things

    • Make sure to regularly tighten jump rings with pliers to ensure your doggos / kitties dont go walk about
    • UV Printed designs can be damaged by heat, oil, pressure etc - please make sure your pretties are safe and secure when not in use
    • From time to time Earring Studs can pop off from the acrylic through wear and tear. Super Glue is used in the creation process - follow Super Glue instructions to replace.
    • 2mm Acrylic is used to keep pretties light weight (especially for earrings) and to keep RRP suitable. "Charms" are not designed to be "Keyrings" but rather Bag Tags, Phone Danglies, Display items etc - not recommended to be used in areas of high traffic or higher impact like our keys
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